Maximizing The Potential of Tax Free Saving Accounts

TFSAMaximizer is an advanced tax minimization strategy for Canadians who are concerned about the tax liability they will face in their Retirement Accounts and Corporate Holdings.

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About TFSA Maximizer

TFSAMaximizer is a financial planning and tax minimization strategy for Canadians with substantial assets in their RRSP/RRIF’s and who are concerned about large tax liabilities. Our strategy is a fully automated financial planning and cash management plan wrapped around mortgage investments that effectively reallocate assets from a Registered Savings Plan (RSP) into a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) with no tax leakage. Properly structured under CRA rules, taxable income from an RSP is used to fund tax deductible interest payments to a TFSA mortgage investment. The outcome is a tax neutral transfer of an RSP into a TFSA and millions of dollars saved!

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Who We Help

TFSAMaximizer strategy helps Canadians concerned about their tax liabilities inside their retirement and business accounts.

Retirement Planning

Reallocate the value of your RRSPs / RRIFs into your TFSAs before you retire.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Distribute your registered assets to multiple family member TFSA’s.

Business Owners

Invest in your business using assets locked in your RSP’s. Use this capital to fund insurance too.

Real Estate Investors

Access capital in your RSPs that couldn’t previously be used to buy Real Estate.

Retirement Planning

When you reach a certain age in Canada, the Canadian Government forces you to draw upon your registered assets creating a large tax burden. Our TFSAMaximizer strategy creates a bridge between your registered accounts allowing you to maximize your Tax Free Saving Account potential.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Estate Planning can be a costly and tedious process. Families are sometimes left to experience a 50% tax burden on a families entire estate. The TFSAMaximizer strategy allows families to transfer wealth from one generation to another, using multiple TFSAs, that can create a last legacy, tax free.

Invest In Your Business

Businesses sometimes require capital from trusted investors. Why not make that investor your own RRSP accounts? The TFSAMaximizer can you help you access funds so you can continue to build your passion. Find out how you can use your RRSPs to fund your own business.

Purchase Real Estate

Canadians are unable to directly purchase Real Estate using their RRSPs and other registered accounts. The TFSAMaximizer can help you unlock capital stuck in your registered accounts so you can continue to pursue your real estate dreams. Contact us to find out how it works.